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Passions & Efforts for a Healthy Life
I am Kweon Do Yeong.

29 years ago, I was working in the construction industry in Seoul and I found out my health condition was not good. I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and liver sclerosis due to frequent meetings (with drinking). I tried various treatments at the hospital, but they didn't work at all. With the help of an acquaintance, I ate Aloe Saponaria and could see symptoms of recovery. Then, in 1994, I decided to return to farming in Ulju, Ulsan, to take care of my health and family and started farming Aloe Saponaria. After a year of returning to farming, I had fully recovered my health and am now happily managing the farm with around 35,000 pyeong to produce juice, gels, and fermented products from our own crops.

Like I recovered, our philosophy is to manufacture and produce only clean, healthy, and good products by thinking that this is for my family to eat. So, we, Do-young Kwon’s Aloe, stick to the principle of natural farming, using no agricultural pesticides or chemicals.

On our honour of farming tradition for 29 years, we will repay by making reliable and healthy products.

Thank you so much.